Roofing Company

Generally, the roofing companies listings are broken down into three categories – commercial, residential and general. Commercial companies deal with commercial and public structures, residential work on residences and residential structures, while general contractors may do a mix. The first thing you have to figure out is what type of contractor you need to call. It is usually very straightforward, but can get tricky if you need a roof for a residential structure like an apartment, house or condo. With these, the general assumption is that anything with a square footage area over the size of a standard 3 bedroom house may need a commercial contractor.

-Make sure the license is listed

One common advertising element of all the roofing companies listings is that their license number will be shown. This is actually a legal requirement. If there is no license displayed in a listing, cross them off the list. That is the type of detail orientation you want in a roofer; you don’t want someone who can’t take care of that on their own. best roofing company offers excellent info on this.

-Does the company have a BBB listing?

Next, look to see which ones mention the Better Business Bureau. This is very important with roofing as it is one of the few trades that needs access to property. The BBB is voluntary, unless a complaint has been filed. It is preferable to choose a listing that has the BBB logo, but you should also do a search of the company on the BBB site as many who have no complaints just don’t recognize this is a selling point.

-Do they mention a specific location?

Here is something that a lot of people miss – the locations served as part of the listing. Many companies will specifically identify areas of as being in their service area. They may go wherever you are, but that may raise their price considerably. Roofers live and die by their schedule. The good ones know how to define a territory that will let them keep all of their projects on time.

-Using contact information as an evaluation tool

Now this is a secret trick that you can use when trying to figure out which companies to call for an estimate. Look at how their contact information is listed. You should see a phone number and an email at least. At most, you also want a website. If all of these are present then you know you are dealing with a company that has an understanding of organization, and that is keeping up with the times. You want to then check out the website, make your contact and see how long it takes them to respond to you. Even if you are just calling a phone number, contractors should get back to you within one business day if they are on their game.

-Getting the Estimate

Once you have gone through the roofing companies listings to find your choices it’s time to contact them and get an estimate. Make sure you can clearly describe the work you need to have done or you might get estimates for a new roof when all you wanted was a leak repaired. Be clear and direct, and make sure you know if the estimate is guaranteed or not.